Andrea Panarello e SANADEN

Sanaden’s management, with more than 14years of exclusive research and development experience on metal-free dental materials, relies upon solid and specific knowledge in the dental sector. This also applies to the product development partners. The last 5 years, in particular, have been dedicated to research, design of new materials together with training and consultancy courses. The cutting-edge materials of Sanaden are the result of the interaction with more than 200 professionals in the sector which includes: dentists, academics, researchers, technicians and other figures who create value added innovations in the dental industry.

SANADEN was founded in 2014 and 2019 (IDS Cologne), for the first time it presents 2 products; 

Sanaden currently owns 2 patents in the dental prosthetic sector and is implementing a quality policy for its Quality Management System.

SANADEN, in addition to materials, also provides:

  • Courses (on non-metallic dental materials);
  • Technical advice;
  • Participate in the writing of scientific articles.

In the picture above Andrea Panarello (Founder – Engineer, MBA)

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