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FIBER-BRIDGE Altezza H 4mm

59,40 (Esc. IVA)

Fiber-Bridge Height 4 mm: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber Tape – UHMW PE-: Reinforcement of any dental element in composite, acrylic, and similar. 52 cm in each roll. Product Code FB H4

FIBER-BRIDGE Altezza H 4mm
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene Fiber RIBBON H 4mm. For the reinforcement of any temporary or definitive composite/cement prosthetic bridge. – Any dental bridge that needs reinforcement or reinforcement – Periodontal splinting, Space maintainers, Maryland, Toronto Bridge, Bridge, and prosthetic repairs – Composite and/or resin reinforcements – Temporary tooth stabilization. Ribbon height 4 mm. Ribbon length 52 cm.