Fiberglass Post “Sanapost” conical Ø 1.4 mm – 10 pcs per box

27,61 (Exc VAT)

Sanapost – Fiberglass post – diam. Ø (at the tip) 1.4 mm– Secure Monoblock- designed with anti-decementation criteria and nano-filler technology. Product code 14-2W

Fiberglass post, conical 2%. Top of the range at International level. Made in Italy. White color. Dentin-like opacity. Compact, with nano-filler technology based on Zirconium dioxide ZrO2. Secure Monoblock design. Studied to reduce the risk of decementation. Advanced tip design. Elastic modulus ideal for excellent response under “fatigue” forces angled of ≃ 30 °.  10 pieces per box.