Quality Policy

Sanaden wishes to operate in the field of design, production and marketing of medical devices with a Quality Management System. To this end, it continuously observes the processes and activities in order to improve them and inform all the entities interacting with Sanaden of any improvements and / or implementations for the part pertinent to them. First, suppliers and customers are communicated with the fundamental principles and guidelines and descriptions, often analytical, of quality assurance according to the different skills in QMS. In particular, suppliers are asked to:

– give absolute guarantee of product and process quality.

– acquire the awareness of having to set up a relationship of mutual benefit in order to improve the ability of all the actors who contribute to the creation of value.

– comply with regulations and guidelines in order to be able to serve end customers in an impeccable way and, possibly, to exceed their expectations.

The quality policy is implemented according to well-defined quality system projects and its continuous improvement is pursued by taking the cue from the measurements of the quality indicators and following what emerges in the reporting stage. That is, the quality policy must support Sanaden in seeking solutions that provide usable data in terms of design, production, documentation, training, feedback from customers and suppliers and objective evaluation of the performance it aims to achieve.